Over the course of the project there have been many users, communities and corporations that have supported the Enlightenment project. We'd like to extend our thanks and gratitude to the following groups for all their support.

We are grateful to the community at large. The people using the software, the bug reporters, the patchers. Anyone using, supporting or developing enlightenment. These are the people that step up and provide the needed knowledge, time and, sometimes, money to keep this project running.

The cAos Foundation are generously donating the needed infrastructure to house our development CVS servers.

EasyDNS helped us to regain control over the enlightenment.org domain after it was briefly lost in domain limbo.

Fluffy Spider Technologies helped by using E technology (Evas, Eet, Ecore etc.) and helping with their further development.

Free Fondation donated e3, e4 and another link to internet.

Micropact (formerly 2 RAD Technologies) helped host the Enlightenment project in a previous life.

OSUOSL are donating the required hosting and bandwidth to support our servers. Without this support we wouldn't be able to provide the needed anonymous SVN access and infrastructure to run the project or run our website and more.

Profusion provide support and consulting services EFL and embedded.

Redhat aided in the early days of Enlightenment.

VA Linux Systems Japan provided developer support allowed some time to be spent working on E.

VA Software (formerly VA Linux) helped a lot to getting E 0.16 released and around the prototype work for E17 (EFM, Imlib2).

Samsung Electronics are heavily involved contributing to, sponsoring work on, and using E17 and EFL in platforms and products.

Terrasoft Solutions donated money to help Enlightenment achieve usability for the release of Yellow Dog Linux for the Playstation 3.