We are contactable by various means. Please see our support page for information on various options on how to contact us in general (From IRC to E-Mail and Bug reporting). There are also archives for our mailing lists, accessible below.

We also maintain a list of our developers who are currently active with development access to SVN. That list is below. Above is also a link to a world map of all our developers and where they live, for the curious.

Mailing Lists and Archives

The Enlightenment Project has several mailing lists to aid you. The following table contains a summary, including links to the list archives. To add, remove or otherwise modify a subscription to these lists, simply click on the list name in the "Mailing List" column and enter your subscription details into the form.

Mailing List Archive Description
Enlightenment Announce SourceForge, MARC Recieve notification of all new releases.
Enlightenment Users List SourceForge, MARC General mailing list for questions, help, comments, feedback and anything E related.
Enlightenment Development List SourceForge, MARC Developer only list. If your message does not directly involve code post to the users group.
Enlightenment SVN Commit List SourceForge Get email notification of all SVN updates.
Enlightenment Internationalisation List SourceForge Mailling list for l10n and i18n. Send your translations of E to this list.
Enlightenment Bug Traker Notification SourceForge Receive notification for all bugs committed to Trac.


This is a list of our developers. Each will work in different things, and have various levels of activity at any time, and even be spread out all around the world and speak various different languages.

We are an inclusive, not exclusive community. It means we prefer to welcome you than to keep you out. We do "ask for forgiveness, not permission" style development. That means that once you are a developer you have access to work on anything and do anything you feel is needed. Of course everyone sees what you do, when and how, and sometimes you may be called to account on your changes and be yelled at, with changes being reverted, but this is the exception, not the rule. If you are going to play with code someone else is actively working on (and the SVN commits list will let you know that as well as the below list of developers and who is responsible for what), it is nice to first discuss your changes with people - especially if they are major and get an agreement.

If you want to become a developer, please see our contribution page. Information is over there as to how to contribute and help out.

Active developers
Name Managing / Contributing IRC Nick Location Website
Inactive developers
Name Managed / Contributed IRC Nick Website
Adam Kisiel Etox lofwyrm  
Andrew Web and Doc Team Andrew  
Burra Ecore burra  
Chris Thomas Elogin x5rings  
Christian Kreibich EFSD Owner, Web Team cK whoop.org
Christopher Rosendahl Ewl, Ewd, Etcher smugg  
Dan Sinclair Ewl, Efreet, EwlBook dj2 everburning.com
Espen Nilsen EWL Contribs ymer|SpNlsn  
Franz Marini Imlib2 Contributions    
Hendryx Web and Doc Team Hendryx hendyrx.com
Horms Dev Team horms  
Joshua Deere Retina dphase  
Kirth Ports and Package Team kirth  
Klaas Bosteels Etox redalb  
Laurence J. Lane Ports and Package Team ljlane  
Maher Awamy Imlib/Evas perl bindings muhri muhri.net
Mandrake Core Dev Team mandrake mandrake.net
Platon Fomichev Ports and Package Team stauff  
S. J. Black Doc Team alpha female  
Stephen Frost Ports and Package Team sfrost  
Sthithaprajna Garapaty taskbar module iamsthitha  
Term Web Team term twistedpath.org
Till Adam E17, EVAS DFB tillsan  
Tim Fabiniak Web Team minion2  
Tom Gilbert Epplets API, Giblib, Feh, CamE, Geist, Gozer, Gom, Scrot gilbertt linuxbrit.co.uk