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EFL Documentation

The Enlightenment Project covers more than simple window management. Whether you're a user, developer, or just someone looking for some good bathroom material, if you are in need of answers, you should find something of interest here.

There is also a wiki available (please note that some pages still reside in the old wiki, but it is old and out of date).

API documentation auto-generated daily from SVN source for EFL libraries is on the right.

Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL)

In addition to API documents, there are wiki pages that are community maintained and editable, that cover an overview of what EFL is about as well as specific pages per library.


For an overview of how EFL is works and is designed, read this.


For a list of all EFL documentation on our wiki, go here.


For the documentation of past official release, go here.

Application Documentation

Some applications also have automatically generated documentation. It is generated daily from SVN like the EFL documentation above. Just select the documentation you desire on the right.

Enlightenment DR16 Documentation

There is ample documentation available from Enlightenment itself. eDox is DR16's "built in" documentation and tutorial system. This system was removed from the main distribution with the release of DR16.7 in order to shrink the size of the distribution and applications installed disk usage. If you are new to Enlightenment, please download and install the enlightenment-docs package (aka: eDox).

EtherDox [HTML]

Assorted articles on DR16 theming building toward a complete set of documents for the DR16 themer.
Written by monkiboi.

EFL Guides, Tutorials and Manuals (for developers and designers)

These manuals are still work in progress. They may not cover all of our packages/functionality yet, but we're working on it.

The Enlightenment Foundation Libraries -- A Big Picture [PDF]

A high level overview of the EFL. This document describes the general concepts behind all of our technology. If you are a newcomer to any part of it, this document is for you.
Written by Gustavo Lima Chaves