BETA Release of core EFL

2010-10-03, AM 10:00

Carsten Haitzler - 2010-10-03, AM 10:00

Several core EFL libraries have now been released as beta. There may be some minor bugs, but most if not all are gone. We invite input, especially on bugs, and any patches you may have to fix them. You can get the beta releases of Eina, Eet, Evas, Ecore, Embryo, Edje, Efreet, E_Dbus and Eeze here.

There are also snapshots of Elementary and Enlightenment available from here. They are not considered stable at this time, but do work. They go together with the beta release above.

You can also get the above libraries in their beta (and snapshot) state if you check out SVN revision 52995. Versions released/snapshotted are as below: