BETA2 Release of core EFL

2010-11-12, AM 08:30

Luis Felipe Strano Moraes - 2010-11-12, AM 08:30

"Enlightenment must come little by little -- otherwise it would overwhelm." -- Idries Shah

We're excited to announce the second beta release of the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries. After a huge amount of work by our developers, we are finally approaching the 1.0 release, and we're asking for the community to help test this version in the widest array possible of configurations so that we can be confident our final product will be rock-solid!

Barring any serious showstoppers, we're considering our API and ABI stable and the next step in our plan is the final release itself. If you've developed applications or libraries using the EFL, please test them against this version and report back.

Testing is pretty easy, if you're using the EFL from our Subversion repository you can test with revision 54513, but to ensure a smooth release later on, please consider testing with the tarballs provided here.

The list of libraries that are being considered as part of this release are:

There are also snapshots being made available for the following projects (as well as bindings for Python and Javascript), and we would really appreciate feedback on all of them but please notice that they are still considered work in progress and may have bugs or lack certain features:

We've recently begun a documentation task force, trying to cleanup the wiki pages making information more easily accessible. Also, as part of our release process, we're really interested in engaging with distros to make sure that those libraries and applications are properly packaged and made available. So if you're willing to participate just get in touch with us via mailing list or IRC (#edevelop @ freenode) and help us make this release awesome.