IRC Server Port Channel 6667 #e

Many of the core developers involved in Enlightenment as well as a lot of users are on IRC. They use IRC often and will discuss many development issues there instead of e-mail, due to it having immediate feedback as well as convenient shared discussion channels.

We use the Freenode IRC network, and you will find us on the #e channel. You can use a, IRC client like X-Chat, Konversation, Pidgin, Mibbit, and many others. If your client already has a listing for freenode, just select it. If not just set up the server as as your server with the normal IRC port of 6667. Once connected just join #e (you can just type in the command: /join #e then Enter). Just type + press Enter to talk.

Einen deutschsprachigen IRC Channel gibt es auch - Per gli utenti di lingua italiana è disponibile il canale #e-it. Pour le Français, nous avons


Several companies and individuals provide professional support and services related to EFL and Enlightenment. If you find yourself in need of help that the community can't provide, please feel free to contact any of the list below.

Just remember that community support isn't guaranteed. It's done on a volunteer/freetime basis. For guaranteed response and support, you'll want to consider professional grade suppliers.

Organization Specialties
ProFUSION Embedded Systems Development, training and consulting in areas including EFL, graphics, multimedia and connectivity.


Mailing Lists
Users (archive)
Developers (archive)
SVN Commits (archive)

Our primary non-realtime form of communication is via e-mail. This allows everyone to participate no matter what timezone the live in or what waking hours they keep. It allows for streamlined access via your favorite e-mail application, which should handle large volumes of messages and conversations well already. It allows for off-line reading and replies (unlike web forums or IRC),

The language used on our mailing lists is English. It is a universal language that more people speak than any other, so if you want to participate, please use English, and then everyone can understand and respond. Also note that these lists are public and everyone sees the e-mails sent to them, and anyone may respond. Not all answers will be correct, but the vast majority will be.

In addition to the lists being a forum for questions, suggestions and other such discussions, they are also used as a news feed. Especially our commits mailing list. Every piece of code changed, bug fixed, or feature added will be broadcast on our commits mailing list. If you want to know what is going on, our commits list is an absolute must to subscribe to.

We have 3 main lists. The SVN Commits List is for sending out notices of every commit that happens to our repositories, with full source diffs, log and who did the work. The Devel List is where most of the developer and development discussions happen. This list will be more technical that the Users list. The Users List is where regular user discussions will happen.

In addition we have the Announce List for official announcements (like releases of new software). The Intl List is for posting changes to internationalization like updated PO files. The Bugs List is for broadcasting bug reports (though the way trac works currently for us, it will only be used if added to the cc list).

For more information, please see the contact page.

Bug Tracking

Report a bug

We use Trac for our Bug tracking and wiki. If you have a bug or issue, please Report a bug. We will eventually get to it, but try and assign it to someone appropriate so it gets attention. We list all our developers on our contact page.

Please use the tracker for bugs, not for discussions or feature requests or for "I don't know how to do this" questions. It's for reporting actual problems. For questions we have E-Mail and IRC. Also remember that we will prioritize bug fixing to those things that are core, urgent or necessary, so just because a report isn't acted on soon, doesn't mean we won't eventually get to it. Once it's in the system it won't disappear. It just takes it being noticed.

To report a bug, go to Trac Bugs.


We have split our website into 2 major parts. The main less-changing pages such as this and a Wiki. This Wiki is where anyone can edit and contribute documentation, information and similar pages.

Feel free to browse around the Wiki to see if what you are looking for is over there, or if you wish to contribute information.